Our Services

The mandate at Canine Support Services (CSS) is to include anyone with a developmental or physical disability who could benefit from a service or therapy dog regardless of their age. We cater our services to meet your needs.

Working With Us

All Canine Support Services clients receive an in-home consultation. This ensures the individual gets a full assessment of their needs and that family members are able to support having a service dog in the home. The assessment includes the ability to care for, maintain, and meet all the necessary needs of the dog.

If a client has a dog that they feel could qualify as a service dog we will assess the dog’s temperament, soundness in public, social skills, obedience level, and trainability. We will also assess the individual’s handling and ability to work with their dog daily, and maintain the standards set by CSS.

CSS clients are provided with all the dog’s working equipment including CSS working jacket, identification card,  letter of certification, collar, leash, grooming tools, and a manual.

CSS will provide support during the working life of the dog to ensure the highest success, and standards.  All CSS clients will have full ownership of the dog.

Finding a Dog

If an individual wants a puppy or an older dog to potentially be their future service or therapy dog CSS can support them in the search for and the eventual development of the dog. At any given time CSS may have a dog in training available for placement with a client.

Instruction for Trainers

Are you interested in learning to become a service dog trainer? Contact Wade for more information.